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Why Are We Here?

If we believe that we were brought into this world by chance and randomness then the answer to the question – why are we here?.. is what?

If we happened here by chance the answer to that question is “no reason” ie “there is no reason why we are here, no purpose” … in fact there is no point in asking or answering the question.

If this is the case then the question “how can i be a good person?” or “how can you be a good person?” has Continue reading “Here By Chance Or Design”

Hello, welcome to straight talk..

Hey folks… welcome to my Straight Talk web blog.
Not everyone is going to agree with what i say in this site BUT then you have the right to start your own weblog and voice your own opinion… right?
However, maybe you should take a non-stance approach and see things from another’s point of view. In fact that is exactly how i have formed these opinions … by listening to others with wider experience than me and with an attitude of: Continue reading “Hello, welcome to straight talk..”