Transhumanists, Batman and Termites

Trans-Humanism – it’s a cover-up

Batman and transhumanismI have just come across the movement and philosophy of trans-humanism. The transhumanists main aim is to overcome mortality… to go beyond human, extend life beyond death, etc.

What these people do not understand is that all they are doing is putting on a glorified batman costume.
Putting on a cape and mask DID transform kids purely in their imagination. It transformed their thoughts and helped them become more confident etc.

NOW, because of the advance in technology we can do a lot more than put on a mask, but the effect is the same. It is just a cover up.
Having a bionic arm or leg or helping the mind tap into more knowledge through computer systems will NOT (will never) replace or come even close to replicating the conscious and even more importantly the subconscious mind.

To extend life beyond death, to defeat mortality is a pipe dream of those who are unaware or who have a disbelief of the spiritual realm.

Yes technology is going to make a really convincing mask, but that is all it will be, a  MASK.
We don’t need this movement to help the lives of those with disabilities or to help extend the years of quality living.  There are umpteen movements doing that already.

With all the technology in the world we can never replicate human consciousness, we can only blur it or block it out but NEVER replicate.

While termites are still alive, while the natural is still a reality we humans are only playing “charades” with super batman costumes and cover-ups.

Extending or lengthening the number of years a human being lives is NOT what i am talking about here. This has been going on since Adam’s fall. Dentists, doctors, surgeons, pharmacists are extending human lives every day. Technology will continue to be able to do this even beyond what we can think of today, but to think that it is more than just helping to extend lives and to try to cross over into the supernatural realm and beat death is pure fantasy both dangerous and foolish.

I see that it is mainly Atheists who are involved in this transhumanism movement which makes logical sense. These are people searching for meaning and immortality since their faith in random selection and evolution does not allow them to believe there is a God.
This poor disillusioned group continue to need to grasp onto something that will give them life forever when in actual fact their faith is barring them from something ONLY Jesus can do for us.

This movement is doomed and will only continue to split the human race into believers and non- believers…. and the RESULT?

Well our Creator will always prevail. Amen

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