Evolution Vs Creation – What Does Science Say?

The Debate

evolutionThis debate has been going on since Darwin wrote his paper on evolution all those years ago. It will probably continue ad-infinitum.

My first question was… How come science has not been able to conclusively tell us which of these theories is correct?.. and end this debate once and for all. The answer to that question lies in the question… that is,  BOTH Evolution and Creation are PURE theories and neither of them have been conclusively proven by science.

Let’s take each theory one at a time:

Evolution Theory.

Most of the average population would say that it is fact that we have evolved from  monkeys or apes.

The reason for this belief is because  all schools teach this as being a fact, even when there has NOT been any conclusive proof shown by science.

This has infuriated many scientists and knowledgeable parents. How can authorities agree to teach something to our kids that is NOT proven to be fact.. but is just a theory based ONLY on circumstantial evidence.

For example, there has not been 1 single piece of fossil evidence that shows any kind of animal evolving to another. In the 100’s of years that have passed and the millions of fossils that have been found since Darwin, not one piece of evidence has been found.

It is the irresponsible scientist who disregards this because of their STRONG belief that the proof does really exist but it just has not been found yet.

THAT my friends IS NOT SCIENCE!!
That is FAITH… so it should be taught as a faith based theory just like Christianity is. (belief without proof is the definition of… FAITH)

The correct scientific conclusion should be:
NO conclusive evidence has been found to support this theory of evolution through fossils.. but the evidence so far found does strongly suggest it to be the case.
Then everyone could accept this and know where we stand.

HOWEVER, many of the scientists of that day many moons ago, were atheists and because they did not like the idea that their theory may be at risk to another faith based theory of Creation, THEY decided to make their theory a FACT and teach it all the schools.

Criminal Injustice

This, in my opinion is the greatest and most outrageous criminal act of science that has been made in history…. And it now seems irreversible ..

Almost everyone accepts this as a FACT since they have no reason not to.  Quite honestly, we have been duped!

2. Creation Theory

Creationists  believe that GOD designed and created man, all living plants and animals and the evolution from chemicals in a pool to fishes to land animals to man and to birds never happened.

Is there any scientific evidence to prove that God created all life forms?.. NO,  but there is tons of circumstantial evidence to support the theory that God exists and that all things were brought into being by His design.

Again.. this is belief based and is therefore ONLY a theory in the eyes of science.. and quite rightly so.
I would just like to add… i personally believe God created us -Not because of scientific evidence but by the FACT that i have a real relationship with GOD and talk to Him every day.

God is NOT of this world but lies in the spiritual realm. A realm that science has fobbed off as an impossibility…

Actually, more so.. science is now progressing in the direction of disproving much of the old evidence that was supporting evolution This has reached the extent that authorities have had to remove previously taught facts that have now been PROVEN by science to be NOT true. Very embarrassing for the evolutionists. This would not have been so embarrassing if they had told the truth from the start that the things that they were teaching were ONLY theories. Let me site one example.

In past text books it was taught that the small  tiny finger-like members hanging at the side of the great whales were the remnants of walking members (legs) from their evolution ancestors of dinosaurs that roamed the lands.

NOW scientists have proven and stated as fact that these finger-like members are actually part of the whales real anatomy and have a crucial role in their lives for survival, when in the act of mating.

These finger-like members are used as hooks to help the male and female stay in contact. If these members were not present the bodies of the male and female would slip away from each-other and mating could never take place.

BOOM !! .. egg on the face of evolution scientists.
There are many other embarrassing examples, in fact as science progresses i believe the theory of evolution will emphatically be proven to be false and an impossibility,

I love science!!



  1. This is awesome… stright forward and cuts right into the truth.
    BOTH creation and evolution theories are faith based !!… Love it!
    Thanks for sharing this… It should be told to the whole world


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