Here By Chance Or Design

evolution or design

Why Are We Here?

If we believe that we were brought into this world by chance and randomness then the answer to the question – why are we here?.. is what?

If we happened here by chance the answer to that question is “no reason” ie “there is no reason why we are here, no purpose” … in fact there is no point in asking or answering the question.

If this is the case then the question “how can i be a good person?” or “how can you be a good person?” has no meaning since to answer it we must know why we are here.

So then WHY is the question “why are we here?” a question that every normal sane human being asks at some stage in his/her life?

Why is it that human beings are the only beings out of all the living animals that ask that question?

If we are here by chance, surely then there are no rules and it becomes the survival of the fittest…. to manipulate and tread on others to move forward in life. That also seems to be what is happening in the world and there is overwhelming evidence to support that synopsis.

Nagging Question

However, there is other overwhelming evidence to support the opposite and that is:

Every single normal sane human being has a ‘nagging’ question of purpose, an emptiness that needs to be filled… “Why am i here? what is my purpose?”…. is not a question for some of the human race, but rather it is a question, if we are really honest, that EVERYONE asks”

If we are here by random chance that feeling of purpose would never exist just as it does not exist in other, even very clever and intelligent animals… Why? Because other animals have a built in purpose called instinct. They have already been programmed, if you like.

You could argue then that animals are here by chance… and if we were not here that may be a possible scenario.
However even then, if you look closely it is seen that each species has a very definite role in supporting the survival of the whole ecosystem.

Now if you argue that we have that sense of purpose which has been developed over time to allow and help the survival of our species then you are also suggesting that something is happening other than randomness and that there is an intelligence involved.

This then becomes a circular argument since if our being here is purely by chance which started in a cesspit of chemicals coming together then there cannot be an organised intelligence involved.

In my opinion, there is only one answer.. and that is:
There is an intelligence and we were designed and created by that intelligence and we are NOT here by random chance.. and we DO have a purpose.

Also, the intelligence we are talking about here is GOD… our true and loving God who created us with an overall purpose and that is:  To ACCEPT / RECEIVE His love and then Love Him with all our heart and souls which in turn leads us to love one another.

That’s it.

So now you know your purpose. And when you live this purpose, boy will you be Blessed. Amen

This was penned by Godfrey. You’ll find out why you will be challenged by my straight and what this blog is all about and why?